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On April 24, 2012, a four-meter mahogany granite based monument representing the Armenian alphabet was erected in the church's main entrance. The monument was designed by architect Hagop Janbazian. This monument represents the first of its kind in North America. 

This monument symbolizes:

  • The Church - As a gift and a sacrament of our Christian faith
  • The Armenian Alphabet  - As a gift and symbol of our national identity, the homeland and the eternity of all Armenians
  • April Memorial - As an offering and a model of Christian faith and loyalty of Armenians to Christianity, the sacrifice of the Armenian nation for the altar of the history of the World.

Today, the Armenian Catholic community has flourished into 300 strong families who share  high spiritual responsibility. Alongside their pastor are the Parish Council, the Administrative Board of the Community, the Ladies Auxiliary, the Armenian Catholic Association, the member of the clergy, the Armenian Youth Centre, the Sunday School, as well as the Saturday School, Elementary Primary School and Secondary High Schools together with the Parent Committee and the devoted teachers. 

The International Languages Program operated by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) gives children a valuable opportunity to learn another language and culture. The program is funded by the Ministry of Education. The Armenian Catholic Saturday school is officially recognized as: 

Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Heritage Saturday Language School

Since its inception and foundation, the Armenian Catholic Church of Toronto has committed to be engaged in all aspect of the Armenian church and community in Toronto and all of Canada through all kind of events. To date, it continues to contribute to the development of national, religious, educational, cultural and benevolent centres. It has a faithful and unselfish mission on the strengthening of the Homeland and Artzakh, firmly maintaining and strengthening of  the Christian faith in the demands of the Armenian cause (The Hay Tad) and the rights in fair defence and resolution of Armenian matters.

​​​​​Armenian Catholic Church of Toronto  est. 1972