​​​​​Armenian Catholic Church of Toronto  est. 1972

According to the project, the plan was designed for the church area to host 500 parishioners, a main reception area that could host 300 guests with a fully equipped kitchen. Adjacent to the church will be a 2 story dwelling for the pastor and finally a parking lot with 100 spaces. 

On October 22, 1982 a grey and rainy day, after thorough planning and getting the approval from city officials, in accordance with liturgical tradition, together with His Excellency Bishop Nerses Setian, we celebrated the blessing of the new church site and the laying of the foundation stone. Following the ceremony a gala fund-raising dinner was hosted at the magnificent Prince Hotel during which $250,000.00 dollars were raised by 500 enthusiastic Armenian believers who were in attendance.

The winters of 1992 and 1993 were very cold with extreme wintery conditions. Despite the severe storms the construction of the new church continued to progress as planned. There were also numerous protests by the municipality and the locals of the area who were trying to interrupt the construction works. After a long and fierce struggle of legal intervention a fair solution was achieved and very well received by all parties involved. Nothing could stop the construction and the church was built on time as it was originally planned by early November of 1993.

On November 21, 1993 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the newly built St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Catholic Church had its cornerstone blessing ceremony. The grand opening and the blessing of the complex was held by the Patriarch of Apostolic Church Hovhannes Catholicos of all Armenians. They were a number of dignitaries representing the city, local communities as well as religious representatives of the Armenian Apostolic and Evangelical Churches and other Armenian clergymen who were invited to participate in this historic event: 

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Father of Armenian Rev. Armen Garabedian
Father Hovsep Kalajyan
Archbishop Nerses Setian
Rev. Kevork Khazumian
Archbishop Rafael Minassian
Rev. Kevork Assadourian
Rev. Kevork Zabarian