​​​​​Armenian Catholic Church of Toronto  est. 1972

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In 1983, the $30,000.00 Canadian dollar saved by the community was allocated as a deposit of $180,000.00 for a land in the Yonge / Finch area, which would later be sold at $1,200,000.00 thus saving considerable money for the construction of a future church.

In 1987, on Northdale street in an affluent community of North York in Toronto, we bought about 3,000 square meters of land for $680,000.00 dollars.

In 1992 after consulting with many architectural companies, the design of the Armenian architect Haig Tovmassian from the Johnson Architects architectural office was eventually assigned to the LATKA construction company for a 1,250,000.00 Canadian dollar contract.


In 1974, while the Armenian Catholic community was being formed, it was very difficult to sustain a permanent Parish Priest position without an additional source of income: that’s when I applied to the Catholic Board of Education to get my Ontario Teaching Permit. This allowed me to teach French, Italian and religion in a number of schools in the greater Toronto area. I continued to remain as a teacher until 1995. 

In the 80's, the Canadian Armenian Catholic Prelacy was founded and was dignified by the former Roman Levonian School Catholic Bishop Rev. Nerses Setyan, after  he passed away Bishop Hovhannes Tertzagyan was appointed from the former Mkhitarian Abby, followed by the Bishop Manuel Batakian from the Monastery of Zoummar, after his resignation Bishop Michael Mouradian also from the Eagle Congregation Patriarchate’s was appointed to St. Gregory the Illuminator (Sourp Krikor Lousavoritch) Armenian Catholic Church in Toronto who still holds that position. 

In the 1980s together with Mrs. Zovinar Kheir Ayanian, I applied to the authorities to establish the Armenian Catholic St Gregory the Illuminator Saturday School, which has had many graduates. Today its students number is about two hundred in its kindergarten, elementary and secondary level education. The school is located in Saint Gerald Catholic Elementary School. The school is loaned to us on Saturdays with the necessary supplies and is fully supported and financed by the government.