It's almost impossible to summarize the story of 75-years in few words, but here is the brief overview.

In the sixties in Toronto, Ontario Canada there were dozens of Armenian families who had migrated from Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. They attended weekly Sunday services led by a visiting Armenian Catholic pastor Very Rev. Rochko in a borrowed local Catholic church.

After pastor Rev. Rochko left in 1970, Father Edward Kortikian the Very Rev. Father of the Armenian Catholic Church of Narek in Montreal, Quebec continued regular visits to Toronto and tended to the spiritual needs of the Armenia Catholic community and carried out the weekly  worship services. As time passed, the number of Armenians in Toronto kept on increasing. Due to political uncertainties of the Middle East more Armenians were migrating to Canada in search of a safer and prosperous life.

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On December 20, 1973 I arrived in Montreal on a stormy -30 degree day at the request of Father Edward Kortikian and under the patronage of the Patriarch Catholicos and remained there only one month.

In January 1974, I moved to the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario, and I offered the first sacrament to a small number of Armenian Catholic parishioners in the city’s St. Anthony Catholic church, where I also lived at the time. In April of the same year, I was transferred to the priesthood of Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and the Catholic Primate of the city provided us with St. Edward Church for Sunday services and other rituals.

As the number of Armenians in Toronto increased significantly, it was deemed appropriate and necessary to build a new church to fulfill the spiritual and national needs of the growing community. At that time our humble goal was to have our own church as soon as possible, for which we did not retain efforts, energy nor resources.


​​​​​Armenian Catholic Church of Toronto  est. 1972